Some days I’m trying to turn a basic outfit into something out of the magazine. Make it look editorial and effortless at the same time.

Some days, I pull it off nicely and other days, not so much. I’m learning the art daily and working my magic slowly.

Fashion should be fun. Dressing up should be fun. When it starts to feel forced or like a chore? You are doing it wrong.

My clothes became boring. I felt stuck in a rut. I was overthinking outfits and taking up way too much space trying to get the perfect picture outfit. I was starting to do my fashion wrong…

I took a break.

Sometimes, the answers we seek are found when we let go and step back. I had to go back to the basics of fashion.

A t-shirt and a pair of Denim. Those are the most essential and basic staples for every individual. If you watch a lot of fashion based shows, you would quickly realize that models are encouraged to wear the basics for auditions. It’s a tactic, used by scouting agents to see how well one can pull off the most basic look and still turn heads.

Here, I’m wearing a black Victoria Secret body suit and a pair of Mum’s Denim from Forever 21. I’ve paired it with animal print open-toe slingback for an added edge.

What’s your basic go to look? Some days I’m torn between the tshirt/Denim look and the maxi/bodycon dress and on other days, it’s the shift dress/bubu look.

They are all easy looks. The kind where you can just throw on the items and be on your way. On days like these, fashion is simplistic and nothing is more put together than that.

What’s your take? Use the comment box, let’s throw ideas around.

Thank you ?





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