As I sit back and think about the weird and not so cool choices I have made in life, I wonder how far I have truly come…

It’s even more of a concern for me when I speak to close friends and I hear similar choices made… This is life is all I can hear my subconscious say… ‘This truly is called Life’!

A few days ago my best friend pings me and drops a shocker saying “I’m getting married in the next year” and wait for it, this is not the shocking part and its not also the part that he just met this lass 6 months ago, it’s the fact that a few months ago… He was loving some other girl and was sure he was gona wife her! I tell you this lad makes my head spin faster than it should. He amazes me no doubt!

I can like to stop ranting about my friend now, its his decision and I shall very well do my best to stand by him, after giving my sound note of advice that is. I love him to bits might I add, so I seriously don’t mind being offered the position of best-man/woman even if I need to wear a tux.

My point is… Life throws us all curve balls, we experience tons of challenges, and we also watch on as our friends go through similar experiences and we wanna scream ‘Don’t go down that part, it’s the same script just different parts’ but no one can live in another man’s shoes and truly I don’t blame folks who never heed to advice because as hopefuls we always anticipate our stories turn out differently.

A few years ago myself I had just fallen head over heels with a certain young man and after knowing him for about the same period of 6 months, I too thought I was ready to jump on the marriage bandwagon but I got the scales falling from my eyez and had a wake up call. I can honestly say that there are tons of people who in 6 months after meeting the right person are sure they are ready to settle down, I once was of that school of thought!

There are also some who after a number of years (let’s use 10 for this case in scenario) and yet aren’t sure they are ready to settle down yet… Once again my point is no one person has the same experience and assuming you can shape your life to fit the pattern of another’s is plain delusional!

My question is this, if uncertainty ever sets in, is that a warning sign for trouble ahead or is the hurry into a union the cause for concern? But as I’m sure we all know people choose to settle in for a variety of reasons… Some reasonable others not so much but who made us the judge of other people’s lives and motives anyways?

If the shoe fits wear it is all I’m saying! If my dear friend thinks he is ready to be married, I don’t see why not so long as he is not planning on joining the hollywood marriage types who think a marriage lasts for a period of time and not for eternity. So long as I’m counting years along with him marking his anniversary then it is all well and good.

Let’s go there love, let the count down to this union begin.

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