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I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL, I’ve just been dealing with a lot, as life has no off days.

How are you guys? I’ve missed you and mostly sharing bits of my life especially as it relates to my style.

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. I’ve been under the weather a lot and dealing with bouts of allergies. I’m well now though but undergoing a system detox.

I’m trying out the water challenge for a few months (maybe 2 or 3). I need to wean myself of sugar, as my body is already giving me warning signs. I’m heeding the call.

I’m expanding my scope of business to include pre-wedding shoot styling. I, therefore decided to scout for suitable locations around Lagos.

I ended up having a mini shoot, totally unplanned for (LOL). But you know I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take an outfit picture whenever I get a chance, so I’ll share the pictures still…

As I planned to run around town scouting locations, I chose the most comfortable pair of espadrilles I own.

I’m not entirely sure why I had this particular cardigan on, but I know I wanted a layer of clothes; as I didn’t intend to run around  Lagos in a low back bodycon dress.

I particularly like the response to my lipstick choice. I realised, I had only really worn the Color once and decided to take it for a spin today. A young child saw me, he lit up and I believe he even used the term “cool”. I blushed hard.

My yellow water bottle also got a feature. Since I started the water challenge, ive been carrying lemon infused water around. It helps me drink more water at a faster rate.

Have you tried the water challenge? I had to google tips to help me as I wasn’t sure I could just go cold turkey. So far so good though, I’m still in the race.

I’m working on material for the blog, I hope to be more consistent with my scheduled posts the coming days. Please bear with me.

Do have a great Thursday.

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