Day 2 of Rome

Woke up to a bright day and planned to explore the Vatican museum, visit the colesium as well as explore the city of Rome but after taking time to get dressed, (given a long night of games with the girls) we realised it was raining and that set our plans back by a few hours. 

So, we did the only logical thing; braced the rain and bought raincoats in cheerful colours too. (You know I had to have yellow right?) 

It was the most amazing experience and we spent the whole of the day at the museum and couldn’t make the Colesium but it was worth it! 

I’ll put up some of the most memorable pictures/paintings/art I could easily connect with. 

 The thinker; I tried to copy his pose, I failed. 

 Outfit Detail: High Waisted Denims – Primark, Crop top and Sandals – NewLook Stores, Sling Purse – Forever21 

   Bianco’s Vespette e Forchette had a great menu and good discount. Visit them if you are ever in that area. 

We left for Spain the next day, Barcelona was promising to be fun with the sun out and beach day loading! 

Loads of love,



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