Day Time Amsterdam | Amsterdam

There are stories about night life Amsterdam, Red light District taking the rank and well, it is some sight to see! The nightlife is actually pretty interesting, as I was sure to experience it. 

Because of the beautiful archeological history and canals that the city has, walking around town is beautiful and a lot captures your eye. 


Oh! The food!!! No words – endless options at affordable rates and I had the best gelato in Amsterdam (Blue Smurf), I didn’t mind that it left my tongue blue for most of the day  
The weather was nice and friendly this day as well, so the cardigan hanging from the side of my sling bag was for backup incase it got chilly.


It was the week for Sail Amsterdam and these two sailors were gracious enough to take pictures with me. I was cheesing to say the least! They actually were
acting like I was doing them a favor by taking a picture with them! Whoop! Mama, I made it!   

Every store has a version of these shoes. At first it felt awkward standing in them plus I was pertrified at the fact that the shop owner might have me thrown out for steeping in the shoes. That didn’t happen, thankfully. 


This was me attempting to whip my hair back and forth because, I felt the urge to be silly! 

I should report about the nightlife in subsequent posts. 

Ever visited Amsterdam or other European countries with a different language besides English? What stories do you have? What were your best memories? Share with me, use the box. 




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