Dinner at Red Lobster | Red Lobster

Traveling to places I get to try new restaurants and culture. On this trip I’ve tried Mexican, Thai, Portugese dishes. 

I’ve been very experimental and it is safe to say out of 17 days, I only had food allergies three days in all. 

Fast forward to my visit to Pittsburgh to spend a couple of days with my beautiful pregnant friend. She wanted to make sure we got out manipedi. After spending hours slugging the mall after the salon, we decided dinner was an acceptable choice. 

This day I was craving crabs and my friend swore by this ‘biscuit’ they serve at the Red Lobster, so we had to go get some. 

The crab legs were so juicy! I had fun breaking shells in search of juicy flesh. 


My dish came with a standard salad side, I opted for the Caesar salad, which by the way was an enjoyable choice. 
I ordered a strawberry and peach (non-alcoholic) daiquiri to go along with dinner. When the waiter took my order, she said that was an odd mix but trust me it was amazingly good. 

The actual meal of  Cajun chicken linguini Alfredo wasn’t that great. I’ve had better, or maybe I was just filled up with all the other side dishes that I couldn’t really enjoy my actual meal. 

It was an underwhelming part of the dinner as a whole but great company compensated for it. 

The parrot isle jumbo coconut shrimp as a starter was beautiful too. It had the right amount of flavour and that cream was everything! 


Needless to say, I enjoyed my time there and the waiter was hands on and very helpful. 

I would go back but maybe not for the pasta. Lol. 

How’s the Tuesday after the long holiday going? Have a great one. 


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