DIY Quick Fix

So, I’ve had this Karen Millen dress since 2009 when I wore it for my sister’s wedding party. 

 On that day though, someone spilled beer on me and I didn’t think to take immediate steps to save the dress. 

Months later, the dry cleaners told me it was a lost cause and nothing would take out the stain. I therefore relegated the dress to the back of my wardrobe and was content with admiring it from there. 

Six years down the line, I have an impromptu wedding to attend and automatically think this outfit would work perfectly for the day (but for the stain on the side of the dress) and now have to find ways to make it wearable. 

The plan was to cover the stain; I thought about using two different materials to mask it. I was undecided if to go with the black toned sequins or plain gold sequins. Remember I mentioned from my recent post that sequins are back, read up here

I wanted to put a modern day twist on the outfit and went with the plain gold piece, adding a rose brooch for a perfect finish. 


This process took me the whole of 15 minutes with a functioning sewing machine it was pretty easy and this is how I styled it for the wedding 

 Thoughts on the outcome of the dress? 

Have a fashionable week. Xo. 


One comment on “DIY Quick Fix

  1. Ursula November 18, 2015 3:19 pm

    amazing…i think it looks better than it first was!! I really need to learn to sew shaa

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