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I love accessories so much. It actually is very painful for me, when I see something really pretty, I would absolutely love to adorn but can’t because my body won’t let me.

Who else wears plates earrings or Jewellery and breaks out into an instant rash or an automatic sore? I think there are a ton of us.

I didn’t even have any plans to write on this today but I’m wearing these really pretty pair this morning to church and my ears start to itch and develop a sore.

I’ve barely worn them for more than 2 hours. I legit cannot even deal anymore. Why can’t I wear costume jewellery like most people and not have to worry about paying the ultimate price in a few hours?




Coincidentally, someone was asking about this situation on twitter yesterday. Apparently he had just been informed that such a thing happens and in his disbelief, of how outrageous it sounded, he was asking on the TL.

He was quickly reassured that the female, who had told him about it, wasn’t infact lying but that it was more commmon than imagined.

Most of the times, I’m restricted from just buying nice jewelry because I would suffer for it. I do however, have a stash of costume jewelry, I wear as sparingly as possible but I stock them for styling gigs.

And it’s not just jewelry, for some it’s a certain material or piece of clothing that gives them a rash. It’s a very tricky situation and it has me bothered enough to talk about it.

What items of fashion are you allergic to or can’t seem to pull off, for health reasons of course? Use the comment box.

Earrings: Forever 21

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