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I’m not sure what’s been happening to my skin the last couple of months but it’s been exceptionally hard to catch a break and have even skin tone or a smooth face at that.


I’m not one for makeup, to be honest it gives more grief than pleasure. My sister looks at my pictures most times and asks why I only wear lipcolor and nothing else. My response? It saves me from breakouts.

Thing is, I realised a long time ago, that wearing makeup for longer than 3 hours at any given time gives me major skin problems. I break out badly. This is why I’m not big on the idea.

I wear makeup for events such as weddings, concerts, interviews and stuff and sometimes on shoot days depending on how I’m feeling.

Anyway, the plan was never to be a product junkie or so dedicated to priming my face and fussing every minute but I’ve found myself there.

I’m particularly stuck on 4 products at the moment. I interchange their use often and I try not to go overboard.

The Facial Scrubs:

1. The St Ives Green Tea Scrub, which by the way smells so good and is tender enough as a daily scrub.


It’s not harsh on the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft all day. I like how gently it exfoliates my face.

2. Aapri Exfoliating Facial Scrub Cream. This one I use for deep cleansing, to remove dirt and grease.


This is my go to scrub once makeup has been applied during the course of the day.

I also use this scrub twice in a week to remove dead skin cells. This produces a harsher feel on the face but also leaves skin feeling fresh and rid of dirt.

The Face mask:

3. The Himalaya Herbal Refreshing Fruit Mask. This was gifted to me by my dear friend Huz baby. It’s deep cleansing, firming and rejuvenating attribute is what has me stuck on this product.


I have to scrub my face first, cleanse with my clean and clear facial cleanser before I apply this mask that stays on for 20 minutes. Most times I do this at night, before bed but when I don’t have early mornings, I apply right after a bath and just rinse off.

I also use this two to three times a week. It helps to keep my pores unclogged and retains my facial elasticity.

4. Turmeric: This is a spice that has over the years been found to be act as a great facial mask. I mix mine with honey, milk and lime to create a semi solid paste that I apply on my face for 30 minutes.


Then I rinse it off with a soft sponge to ensure everything is off. It leaves your face feeling fresh, with open pores. It’s also a cheaper option and can be made at home easily.

If you decide to use the Tumeric mask, you should be careful it doesn’t come in contact with any clothing items. It leaves a stain that almost never comes off.

My facial skincare journey seems like a never ending journey, which is why I tend to stick with products that have proved to be effective. These 4 have and for that in most glad.

What products do you use or have you discovered? Please share as it might come in handy in the near future.

Have a fab Sunday.


One comment on “Facial Skin Care | Skin Care

  1. Omolabake May 6, 2016 12:45 pm

    “Anyway, the plan was never to be a product junkie or so dedicated to priming my face and fussing every minute but I’ve found myself there.”
    You only have one face, one skin…How you take care of it determines how you look especially as you grow older. Learn and understand your skin- its type, what works, what doesn’t. Sometimes it is the brand of skincare/makeup you use that breaks your skin. There is something for every one. Start with reading Caroline Hirons blog. She suggests something for every skin type. She is why and how I have chosen to indulge in one thing-not makeup but skincare especially on my face. Its is the only one I have. In the most basic prepare to cleanse(not with your bath soap), tone, serum, moisturise day and night. Do it for one month and you’ll notice a massive difference. You live in the tropics and yeah genes play into it but consider a fabulous skin routine in addition to your wonderful genes…. Stay blessed.

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