Fashion is Retrospective

Fashion and it’s trends have an amazing way of making appearances years after they first made an appearance, with a little twist here and there.

Fashion has been structured uniquely wherein it gets revamped by appearing different, season after season. Trends come and trends go. Here today, gone tomorrow.

As is my usual routine, I was poring through my old and new stack of magazines, searching to be inspired. I found new “old” material and some insightful tricks for the trade.

Did you know that trends from 2006, were back in 2012/2013? The monochrome’s and the neons were hugely part of the fashion scenes in 2006. Amazing isn’t it? How we never really remember till we are it in prints.

20130831-073057 PM.jpg

20130831-073402 PM.jpg Tatler Magazine July 2006

6/7years down fashion lane:

20130831-074657 PM.jpg

20130831-074908 PM.jpg

20130831-084721 PM.jpg
Elle Magazine Uk Spring/Summer 2013

With trends, remember the simple rule: “Do not go crazy”. Indulge but do not let it rule you.

Firebrand kisses.


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