Floral Shirt x Blue Joggers

It’s not everyone who can turn their living room wall into a studio booth and create the perfect backdrop for a picture. 

I’m one of the lucky ones!

This day, I wasn’t even in the mood for pictures but the Hubs was insistent and so I dressed up and played my part. I wore a smile and channelled my inner muse. 

Florals are probably one of my favorite things because I love bright colors and a mix of them all in one place, excites me. 

Here, I’m pairing a gifted floral long sleeve shirt with a pair of blue Joggers as I can’t yet get over the athleisure trend.  

I feel like this trend has reached its limit but I’m not yet ready to let it go. There’s something oh so chic about pairing Joggers with heels and a proper shirt. 

A few tips on how to rock this trend:

1. Wear Minimal Accessories – Nothing heavy, nothing distracting. You want to keep clean lines and not create too much of a busy outlook. 

2. Pick The Right Shoes – Always know when to switch up sneakers for heels and vice versa. 

3. Working With Florals – Unless you are aiming for a printastic situation, keep the florals to just one item of clothing. Either the top half or the bottom half. Unless you are working with co-ord items that is. 

4. Bold Lips – Wear a lip Color that pops. Here, I matched mine with the Color of my shoes. 

5. Have A Great Background – Now I’m just showing off my wall! Lol. No, but seriously though, pick a background that adds some character to your outfit. 

Is anyone else still feeling this trend as much as I am, or am I alone in this? 

Share your thoughts on current trends you are particularly feeling and old trends you can’t seem to let go of. 

Use the comment box. 

Have a great Thursday peoples. 



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