Flower Edges Off Shoulder Dress | Off shoulder

One of my best girl’s got married this weekend. It was such an emotional moment for me. It’s weird because I’m usually like; it’s another wedding, this wasn’t.

She was such a happy bride and fun to watch. #DamiDre2016 was too lit! The most fun part was watching my darling bride be a little girl around her husband. I’m definitely going to tease her about this for the longest time!

I decided to go with a three quarter off shoulder dress with flowery edges. My amazing baby sis worked her magic once again (@couturemaniang on IG) and I got my face laid by my amazing sis-in-lawlove (@beadsnbrides on IG) as well.

Before the makeover….

After the makeover….

The amazing Make Up Artist gets featured 

My shoe option was in more in anticipation of how long I planned to be on the dance floor for. I realise them shoes make me appear shorter than I already look as they cut off my leg at the ankles.

On a different day, I would have picked different shoes. Some days I sacrifice fashion for comfort and it’s been worth it so far.

The Dj was lit! Hahahaha, I remember dancing the butterfly to a song from the 90’s! Great day.

How was your weekend? The ember months are fast approaching! You cannot understand how excited I am, it’s my birth month in a few days and a lot of other activities are lined up for the rest of the year. I’m uber stoked!

Do have a great Monday



One comment on “Flower Edges Off Shoulder Dress | Off shoulder

  1. kushymore September 1, 2016 8:47 am

    When classy becomes classic.??

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