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I’m changing my view.

I, get bored, wearing a particular look for so long.

I, therefore try to switch things up as often as I can.

I’m ditching my cat eyes look, for something a little more rounded.

My eyewear is an important part of my life because it is both functional and a style statement.



I’m in a habit of buying frames as often as I get a chance.

I, currently own 6/7 pairs but wear only 2 of those, technically.

I, also own contact lenses; I wear those sparingly because my eyes tire easily.

I, hate boring glasses. I don’t like my frames in black, except they don’t exist in a different color.

I, have a thing for tortoise shell frames. They’ve grown on me.

You would hardly see me wear metal frames. They are too heavy for my face.

I, never buy way too expensive frames, because (point 2, above)



I bought these off Amazon for $7 only and they are so pretty and the frame’s sturdy!

I’m excited to actually be ditching the cat eyes for a bit. It’s starting to become a signature but I like to experiment from time to time.

So, here goes nothing.




Have a lovely Tuesday.

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