I have been away for far too long! And I dare say, for the life of me I cannot understand why.

I think once again I let the world overwhelm me, or to my defence I recently became a proud aunt, with a niece as cute as a button. And I don’t just say that because its expected of me to say it as an aunt but because it is all true. It is so unfortunate I have been forbidden to blog or twit her picture, trust me, I have been itching to but I made a promise to her mama and I am bound by my word.

So much has happened yet so little time. I marvel at how the month of August has crept up on us, when was it that January 2010 announced its grand entry? It wasnt that long ago, or do I live in my own tiny bubble of delusion? I sure hope not!

I watch from the outside peeking in, almost as from a key hole and wonder how much faster can this year zoom past. But as with everything recently, it seems to be progressing faster with each passing year and generation.

I marvel at how my 3 weeks old niece acts like she lived and walked the earth before now, how she has some #Classic reactions and faces as he expresses herself devoid of her speaking abilities till she’s twoish thank God! I almost sometimes question how fast development is and how it would be silly for any of us to survive on past knowledge without seeking advancement regularly.

I developed a love for words from an early age thanks to my mum, and subscribed to dictionary.com where I get daily notifications of words and their meanings and I ponder on how so often new words spring up like the price of crude oil takes a hike every new year, sad but true… I speak about the price of crude oil solely as I express my displeasure. I digress and I must admit I missed that point where I tell that I digressed like everyone else cannot spot it from miles away save I bring it to their attention:::

In other news, maybe totally unrelated subject matter but I divulge information in my defence for my absence from blogging.

I went ahead and changed my twitter handle and for the heart of me, I cannot seem to wrap my head around why any longer. I like to tell myself I was bored, but I doubt that is the truth, I also suggested I was being mischievous…. which seems closely related to the truth, as I was starting to witness some major identity crisis on my Timeline (TL)! Ge’ez, as someone says twitter is the person you wish you could be in real life, to tons of peeps! It is mind-blowing witnessing some serious “I need to be cool theatrics”…. I marvel at how anyone could think that yakking rubbish on twirra (as I so often prefer to call it) could make them cool in the blink of an eye!

Hehe…. You might ask why I do not just make use of the friendly un-follow button yea? but I tell you despite some irrelevant and unfortunate happenings, I have a ball scrolling up and down my TL, sometimes laughing out loud causing my mother to question my sanity… I often throw a glance her way and tell her “You wouldn’t understand” and her classic response… “I’m aware!”. No one can really understand except they experience it themselves, so often I try to explain but give up trying, it cannot be explained, it can only be witnessed.

Other things have kept me busy, save babysitting, twitter, laziness (a topic for yet another day), a healthy loving relationship, finding the right job and maybe the right industry to work from, I have had my year go by so fast its leaving my head spinning like a fast ride from a carousel.

I shall put in more effort to blog at intervals now so I don’t bore you with too lengthy memoirs, and also at least I can catch up on my sleep as well.

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