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What do you do when you enter a diner, extremely hungry and then faced with a daunting bowl of sea food? 
I quickly discovered that you roll up your sleeves, prepare to make a mess and dig in. 
I think that’s what I did. 

The crabs, clams and lobster were beautifully cooked; the corn also had the right texture and taste. It was a burst of flavors and spices but a very welcome one. 

I didn’t think I could finish my meal when it was first presented but I’m glad to say, I did! All hail Queen Crab! (LOL)

I cracked every shell and sucked on every juicy piece of flesh presented. Let’s just say I had a beautiful meal and I would go back over and over again. 

I find it a little weird how I can eat a host of seafood varieties but can’t stand fish. I think I’m gradually coming to accept that it might just be a mind thing, but it’s hard to break free from it. I’ve tried! 

What peculiarities do you find yourself struggling or dealing with? Do share…

Have a great weekend ahead. 


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