So if you are friends with good ol’ me on facebook, I’m pretty certain the past few days you may have noticed me going on and on about MAD! And yes I’m MAD about town and that’s a thought out plan trust me. A friend of mine said so you’re MAD right? And my response was Hell Yes! (Hehe). I’m sure now you’re thinking “madam has lost it!” And unfortunately I cannot deny that fact, for I have gone loco.

I wish I could own a clothing line that says MAD but I’ve got other plans for this one… If there’s one reason why I have blessed God for facebook and the internet it would be because of the avenue to promote this cause and my ability to blog. If there’s one thing I would do for free, it would be blogging, once I’m here, everything seems peaceful, be there a brewing storm around me, this is my solace.

Enough about that… On to the crux of the matter. What am I MAD about?

Aren’t you upset about the current state of affairs of Nigeria? Aren’t you exasperated at the failing governance? Poverty, lack of security, being placed on a watch list as terrorists? If you aren’t, I am. I’m sick of it and except we as individuals refuse to carry on accepting bad labels and decide to get off our feet and Make A Difference (M.A.D) then I’m sorry but nothing will change.

50 years and yet we still just talk, no one does the work. When last did we lend a helping hand to the poor and needy? I mean a helping hand and not merely giving out alms. Standard level of help I can hear being asked? And yes I’m aware that this is Nigeria, its hard to be hospitable as we could get bitten on the hand which we extend in offering help, but help is still necessary, the ones who would appreciate it are still out there, you only need to let the Holy Spirit lead you in providing help.

A wise man said it takes courage to stand for the truth in Nigeria. Is someone who is MAD courageous? I’m certain it takes courage to walk around all day and be ridiculed, ok… Maybe that’s assuming the madness is by choice because I’m almost sure mentally disturbed people have no mental capacity to understand the gravity of their actions. So I speak for those conscious mad ones out there. The ones like Derele who has chosen to go ballistic; I really wouldn’t mind so long as he was positively MAD.

We can all be MAD about town and make it positive while we are at it. Elections are in the works come April, how many of us have already decided we aren’t voting? Its not worth the stress abi? But what would ever be worth it if we never tried? We cannot afford to perish for lack of knowledge, and by WE I refer to the youths; my generation and the younger ones.

So maybe the younger ones cannot vote just yet, but they can decide to form orderly queues, they can refuse to drop litter around without a care in the world, they can dare to dream of a future for Nigeria, hope for change. They can choose to be positively MAD at home helping their parents. And I haven’t forgotten those without the luxury of comfort, the homeless, less privileged, orphans without support, the poor, I’m a believer that everyone can go about MAD assuming there’s enough hope for them to live for. I mentioned helping earlier, after extending hands of help, sell them some hope. That would make a world of difference and you would be sure you’ve gone about MAD.

How willing are we all to be positively MAD? Enough to be the difference we would like to see?

Can I employ all of us to go about MAD at least once today? And try harder the next day and eventually stop trying and start living MAD?

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