My Mind

Tonight I am not in the mood to blog, I would rather sleep and if that evades me, I would read a book and keep my mind fixated on something fictional.

The day has been tough however subtle, its been a battle or the other between my mind and body. As it is often said mind over matter, but today I struggled to keep my mind above matter, for it kept struggling to be set free. I hope the attempt at a struggle would count for something… in fact anything!

All day long, thoughts filled my mind, so much to do, so little time restricted by the flesh which can only withstand so much depravity. Yet I fought on, a painful headache announcing its presence, but eyes held open for lack of sufficient time to do that which I put off for far too long due to matter.

I want to stay but I should go, I wish I could reach you but you are so far away, I would like to keep my mind over matter but till I master that act, I shall continually hope that matter looks upon me with mercy till I figure it out.

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