Networking Brunch at Bibi’s Grillhouse 

When I got the invite to attend the Private food tasting bloggers event, organised by @thebloggerpoint and in collaboration with  @bibisgrill_ng, I didn’t know what to expect. 

I quickly realized, networking is key for any brand, so I made plans to attend the event.  

I was looking forward to meeting new blogger friends and reconnecting with old friends. I also was looking forward to the food tasting part of things, even though, I’m super finicky about food and food allergies make it even harder. 

It was a pretty cool event and it was nice to meet new bloggers who were accomplishing feats in their work and we shared experiences, how to monetize the blog and discussed future collaborations. 

The ambience was good, with light music playing in the background; it wasn’t too rowdy and we got free wifi (even though, it was such a pain to connect to and stay connected!) 

I loved how creative Bibi’s GrillHouse got with their space. I loved the little white and black lamps that were placed strategically on their front desk. 

I ordered boli and turkey and kept my fingers crossed, as I gave express instructions to the waiter – about not wanting onions on my plate. Usually, this is the point where I determine if I’m ever eating at a restaurant or not. I wasn’t disappointed! No onions in sight. 

This meal was beyond divine. First off, the plating of the dish was masterchef style and the tasting was equally satisfying. Every bite of the boli was yum. It was spiced well and it was the right texture. It wasn’t too hard or too soft. This dish for me was a fine meal. 

I didn’t try anyone else’s meal, as mine was satisfying enough and I was content just sitting there, devouring every bit of it. If I were to rate my meal, I would say a strong 10!

I took pictures though for effect… (as you will never catch me eating fish especially Titus) 

I’m definitely going back to visit this place, over and over in the very near future. Plus, their meals are so affordable, in comparison to their competitiors. 

I’m glad I got the opportunity to discover this place for myself and experience the delight that it is. I’m taking the Hubs there for lunch this Sunday. He needs to experience this satisfying feeling by himself. 

If you are ever at the Maryland Mall, do pay Bibi’s Grill House a visit and please, find this post and share your experience with me. I’ld love to hear your views. 

Have a great Saturday lovelies. 

PS: This is not a sponsored post but thank you @thebloggerpoint and @bibisgrill_ng for the opportunity. 

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