Oversized Shirt + Lace Skirts

I have a thing for wearing oversized clothes –  I was once a tomboy and wearing boyish items appeals to me a whole lot!

I dress up like a woman most times but always feel the need to boy it up. I think that’s why I love the athleisure trend so much. 

I’ll wear heels but if I find I can wear trainers instead? I’ve switched in a heartbeat. 

I decided to take an item of the Mr for a quick spin and I loved the outcome. I find that wearing oversized make shirts are more fashionable than trying to pull off wearing an oversized female cut. 

There’s something more edgy and chic about belting an oversized male shirt especially paired with something a little feminine. I opted for a lace skirt here and heels. 

I’m switching up my wardrobe and borrowing all the shirts from the Mr for this season. 

Ladies, put them shirts to great use and up your wardrobe game and style. Have fun with it also. Try them with shorts, tailored pants, palazzos, culottes, dresses and share your style story with us. 

Thank you for stopping by.


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