Peter pans and Tweed Pleats

20130117-025205 AM.jpg

I’m so excited. It’s my mamas birthday, retirement service and house warming ceremony in a couple of days. We gonna have a party! Whoop whoop. She has sent out her invites and in the there somewhere she demands a dress code: informal but exquisite.

As I type, I haven’t the faintest idea what to wear, I’m actually not looking in my closet yet, think i’ll just wait till last minute as usual which involves me throwing clothes in all directions trying to pick the perfect outfit. I’m just a tad lazy when it comes to picking outfits before the day of an occasion, but i’ll be ready so I fret not.

Ah anyways, a few weeks ago, I wanted to prove to myself that I could wear tweeds in the burning heat of Lagos and survive without breaking a sweat. I’m glad to say…. I achieved this! I paired my pleated tweed skirt with a Peter pan shirt and I loved the result. I especially loved the play on colors and how the black didn’t drown out all the other colors of the outfit.

20130117-025137 AM.jpg

20130117-025231 AM.jpg

20130117-025257 AM.jpg

20130117-025325 AM.jpg

Outfit Details:
Top/ Skirt – Primark
Shoes – Barrats
Bag – Red Herring
Belt – Dorothy Perkins
Ring/ Necklace – New Look
Earrings – Vintage

I would be sure to post pictures of the outfit I finally decide to go with for the Mother’s shindig. Be back!

Love and colors.


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