Resorting in Lagos | Omu Resort

I like how Lagos is springing up with fun places and fun things to do besides the beach or the cinema.

I discovered Omu Resort far in the  heart of Lekki, or if we are being honest, this place cannot honestly be called Lagos but let’s just play along and act like it is.

It’s like a 2 hour journey coming from the mainland and that’s without traffic, so give or take 3 hours. My advice is if you want to go here, plan ahead of time. Set out early to give yourself enough room to explore the place and it’s many activities.

I did most of the activities besides quad bike riding, paint balling, wet and wild, wave pool and the pirate ship ride.

I’m not a fan of rides because they make me sick  to my stomach, so I’ve sworn to avoid them as much as I can till I have kids and they make me go at all cost.

Paintballing wasn’t available due to a shortage in materials which was the only bummer because I really wanted to shoot some people so much. I couldn’t roller skate either, they had only one pair of skates in my size and it was already in use. (This is the downside of having miniscule legs for feet)



I legit think I need to join formula 1 and race. I was a bad ass at this and didn’t hit my brakes once the whole 4 laps, till I had to come to a halt.


The Hubs and I swore we wouldn’t ever do the & co trend thing, but see is matching outfits here and very coincidentally too. zzz


Badass me went the whole swing and didn’t fall off. Fear factor, Gulder ultimate search, I’m coming for the prize money! Stay woke.


Kayaking was probably the hardest fun activity to partake in, as we had to paddle against the tides and boy was it tough. This one just showed us that communication is key in making progress when two people come together to achieve a goal.


There was the vintage cars which served as perfect backgrounds for picture taking but somehow I had to work my unlook poses for these ones.

Who else has visited Omu Resort and what was your experience? I quite liked the ambience and the fact that there was a wide variety of things to do.

Plus the zoo and water world had some exotic animals. It was generally a good and fun experience, I would recommend to a lot of people to visit even if just once.


PS: This is not a paid advert.




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