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I know it seems like I eat a lot, I actually don’t. I’m finicky about a whole lot, especially my food. Plus I have food allergies. 

I, however have weird cravings that when I get, I seek to satisfy because those too are fickle and far apart. 

I have been craving a whole lot of seafood lately, so I went for it. Headed to Yellow Chilli because the Okro seafood there is next to none in this city. 

The satisfaction I got from this meal was worth the drive, the long wait and sloppy customer service (thanks to them being understaffed). 

Service was so slow and we had to call repeatedly for an audience. We didn’t even get the complimentary groundnut or water to wash our hands before/after the meal. 

When brought to their attention, it was good that a sincere apology was offered. In addition, the ambience is always a plus for me. I like how spacious and roomy it is. 

I’m almost sure my seafood craving would wean it out in a couple of days and I’ll be back to finding the next high, diet-wise. 

My friend at @foodieinlagos, have this whole feedback on restaurants around Lagos gig going on at the moment. 

If you visit a place, you could shoot them an email, telling them about your experience either good, bad or ugly and they would be happy to put it up on their website so others can be informed. Do check them out. 

Have a fab Thursday 



One comment on “Seafood Okro at Yellow Chilli | Yellow Chilli

  1. Foodie in Lagos April 14, 2016 10:12 am

    I love love Yellow Chilli’s sea food okro!

    Thanks for the mention girl x

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