Selective Buys!

FashionTips; BuyLessChooseWell

How often are we confronted with so many buying options, with different merchants peddling wares and tempting our pockets? Leaving us all hot and bothered, itching to aquire the new trend or that skirt that fit so well or those work shoes? With ridiculous offers of “Sale -10% & more” “BOGOF – (Buy one get one free)”

Do not in a bid to become stylish buy everything offered to you. Think quality over quantity. Think long term pieces that you would really love over and over in the long run. Pieces that will always make a statement regardless of the season. Timeless pieces.

However buying expensive clothes doesn’t automatically reflect style, I think it is the art of mixing and matching your clothes to create that unique look. Learn to mix your cheaper/more affordable pieces of clothing with the expensive ones to add your edge.

Ladies learn to sew on unique items on your old clothes, change the buttons, add sequins to a dress/skirt/top, a bow, a badge, make a new outfit out of the old ones simply by getting creative with your hands and needles.

The best way to achieve unique pieces of clothing is by learning to tweak something or the other that reflects your personal style. Try it out. 🙂

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