Somebody learnt to Cycle

I didn’t learn to cycle all my childhood and had to wait my adult life to learn (Thank you Folks). Needless to say I’m a pro now because I learnt to cycle in less than 2 hours and I didn’t fall once. Whoop! Whoop!!

Apparently there’s a legendary fall that must happen when you learn to cycle. I always beat the odds as that didn’t happen to me.  Yup, I’m bad ass like that (All this gloating is because I didn’t land smack on my behind)

My brother-in-law/cycling coach wouldn’t let me learn without wearing the complete gear. I felt caged but let’s put it all down to love! 


This was in a Park in Sunderland (Penshaw Monument Park) a very beautiful place but I went to cycle and couldn’t really explore the scenery but will go back soon. 

And then there was some downtime and family time ….

I’m going to be touring Europe in a few weeks. I’m excited and will be blogging a lot more the coming weeks. 

I also now run a style column on, to read my 1st post you can click on the link here. Kindly drop comments and keep going back as it is going to be more frequent. 

Lots of love and remember to do something new each day/week/month, challenge yourself, create new memories, explore places and enjoy the process. Love every moment of it. Live! 

Love, SF. 

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