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I’m excited!

I’ve been working on something and although it’s not fully ready to be unveiled, I want to give you a preview.

In November last year, a few weeks to my wedding day I got a skin infection that left me looking like a leopard.

I have the most sensitive skin, so at first I thought I had the chicken pox for the second time in my life, but after undergoing treatment for two weeks without any improvement, I realized it was some sort of allergy.

I’ve got food allergies and anything is a trigger, but I just couldn’t place what was this. Fast forward to taking steroids and it finally drying up, I was left with black pigmentation all over my body.

I started using my special mix of body butter (vanilla fragrance) and in two weeks, no one could tell I was looking like a leopard weeks before.

That was how I came up with what is now “my baby” in the works. I got inspiration from my friend Tobi who first introduced me to the amazing things one can do with shea butter as I put my own spin on it.

So, it comes in 7 fragrances (apple, banana, strawberry, vanilla, 6 flowers, lavender, pineapple)  currently and only being produced in small orders because Nafdac registration is proving a little cumbersome.

It has only natural products and an infusion of essential oils.

No added preservatives or anything damaging to the skin.

It smells delicious and absorbs well into the skin.

It doesn’t cause heat or leave any clogging effect on the pores.

It melts easily and is so light.

So here goes everything, the Swish Body Butter…


The small tub goes for 500 Naira, while the big tub is sold at 1000 Naira each (exclusive cost of delivery).

To place orders, leave me a comment or send an email to crystalswish@outlook.com.

Have a great Tuesday guys!


Loads of love from,



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