Tower of Pisa

The girls and I decided to visit the leaning tower of Pisa as we had heard stories and seen pictures which told a totally different tale. How else to confirm it but make a trip? So we hopped on the train and went to see the tower ourselves. 

It was indeed leaning to the right! Some things are better witnessed first hand; no pictures or stories would ever really do them enough justice. If you ever get a chance to be in Italy, take a trip to Pisa and observe it yourself. 


 In order to get a proper leaning picture of the tower depends on the angles from which the picture is taken. 

 It was a fun day as we also searched through vendors stalls in search of unique souvenirs to collect. I never really gave a thought to collecting souvenirs before now but I’m getting into it. Collecting stickers, pins, bracelets and key chains, mostly fashion accessories really. 

The beauty that is Firenze is beyond words, it is a city blessed with a beautiful and rich architectural heritage. 

Standing in the centre of the Florence cathedral leaves you awestruck by the sight of it all. 

Everyone visits the city of Firenze and experiences something different every time. Everyone discovers a new corner or something the other missed. 

Walking the streets we discovered the a Magnum ice cream place where you can create your own ice cream and you know we had to experience the awesomeness of this. I opted for frozen yoghurt though instead of ice cream as I was still bothered about eating healthy this trip. 

Italy was a beautiful experience for architectural purposes but not so much for the food. We didn’t have pasta nor pizza and that was a tad bit disappointing. 

But it was an amazing two days spent here. 

Love. SF 

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