Twenty Ten

Our vision at its perfection is often referenced as twenty twenty, another ten years and maybe, just maybe this year would have been near perfection, but I’m guessing you can already figure out from the monologue that this wasn’t the case in scenario

Never has there been a year where I had to fight so many battles, ones that keep you questioning your belief and faith. Those that keep you wide awake in the dead of night, and restless as ever during the wake of day.

Internal battles, external battles, it appeared they surfaced in multitudes, tougher with each passing day, or month. Tough enough to demoralise yet subtle enough to help build hope and faith.

The year started off with so many aspirations, dreams, visions, none of them did I en-vision would come with a fair amount of struggles (I can just hear people say dreamer). I must admit I’m a dreamer, I have had some miracles happened to me the previous year, I presume that’s where I got my fantasy from. My near perfect expectation for twenty ten.

Twenty ten:

I didn’t write my visions down in plain words, I failed to visualise. A wise man always said “Write down your visions and you are half way to achieving it”, I forgot this principle in twenty ten. I guarantee though next year won’t be without visual plans.

I may have let the opinions of others rule my existence. I was often swayed by views that conflicted with God’s plans for me. Again a wise person once said “Listen to advice, use the ones that apply and discard the ones that don’t”. I forgot that great principle of life, people dictated my actions. I sought counsel from those that had no idea what I had been through.

I let things happen to me; I failed to let me happen to things. I question when I stopped fighting, I became complacent even with my own existence (pretty sad fact). When others dictated what my existence should be I accepted failing to remember I once knew the truth. I dare say I forgot the promises my saviour once sold to me at salvation. And yet again a wise man once said “I bore your sins and transgression to give you new life”. If I forgot anything, why did I forget this fact?

I sought approval from mortals who of themselves sought approval. I hoped recognition would bring fame and contentment. How silly I had become simply because I forgot that only One really knows me and what I should be. I should have been wiser but I wasn’t.

I lost my patience with others, almost lost it with God but thank Him I didn’t forget His patience for me and I applied same. I stood firm on His promises of never forsaking or leaving me in my time of need. The only faithful friend even in my un-faithfulness. I cannot say this enough… He is the only one I’m certain loves unconditionally.

I remembered mercy, peace, grace, faith, love, hope. I remembered God above all the battles, I remembered and held on to the one who remained certain in uncertainties, the calm one within a brewing storm, helper when help seemed a far cry.

For those who experience any vision defective of the twenty twenty kind, they are often required to get visual aids to help with their certain un-clarity. So who better to meet than one who gives clarity with perfection? With twenty eleven a few hours away… I wouldn’t mind getting some corrective lenses to help the new year seem a little less daunting with the aid of vision goggles, but now I only need ask the provider God.

Is your vision at its best or is there a need to seek visual aids?

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