Visiting Prison Island #Zanzibar

When you visit exotic places, you want as much pictorial evidence as possible. There’s so much to take in! 

I love traveling a lot more than I love to strike a pose and get shot. I’m weird with poses and something is always off: I either never smile (I hear I look like I’m fighting a war most times – LOL!), or my limbs look like a broken doll. 

I visited Zanzibar in December of 2016, for my honeymoon and the scenery was mostly breathtaking. So many little islands to explore. The best for me was Prison Island.  

It was something! I couldn’t reconcile its history with its present calm. Although exploring within the prison walls brought on feelings I can’t describe in words. 

It’s the same feeling I got upon entering Anne Frank house on my European Tour in 2015. 

Ok, so touring this island included visiting the tortoise (which were so huge and terrifying) and then snorkelling but err, I got sea sick half way into it and had to bail. 


I can’t wait to travel the world to more exotic places handy with my very own husband-photographer to document our journey. 

I want to visit more African countries. I want to visit Gambia ?? next and then Seychelles ??. 

What exotic places have you visited and what were your experiences? Care to share and give me recommendations on places to visit? Use the comment box. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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