Wardrobe Mishaps and what not | Wardrobe Mishaps

The problem with not wearing your shoes as often as you should vary.

In my situation I tend to just leave my shoes unworn for a long time. My reason? I think I  may have too many shoes and not enough events to attend (in my defense)

Remember my yellow shoes with the large bow I featured on Monday? Yup, sadly they are now dead!


I’ve had them since 2010 and worn twice. I therefore decided to take them off the shelf and for a spin. Lol, was I rudely awakened.


The shoes had developed a mind of its own and came undone. The sole broke and the fabric came apart. It was in the process of shooting an outfit post that I realized. I have a picture of shock to show for this.


I’m genuinely sad, to say the least but I’ve learned a few lessons that I would like to share:


Never leave shoes on the shelf for longer than 2 years without wearing them.

They were statement shoes, I couldn’t wear them often, hence its lack of proper usage.

No matter how great your storage and care game is, if you aren’t using your shoes effectively, they will give way.

Allow your shoes breathe from time to time. If locked up in a box, ensure to bring it out for air every fortnight.

Trade as many shoes as you can, when you can. Follow @clotheswapng on Twitter and Instagram for great and affordable ways to do this.

Observe the state of your shoes from time to time to determine their conditions. You don’t want to be caught unawares when your shoes decide to come apart.

If you can salvage them, do so but otherwise, find creative ways to use its remains. I’ve removed the bows that used to be on top of mine and would affix it on something else.


In life there are bad days and unexpected mishaps that spring up; stylist sometimes have to deal wardrobe mishaps from time to time which requires thinking on their feet.

What to do at that time? It all depends on the level of creativity one has mastered.

It’s not all glamorous in the life of a stylist/blogger as portrayed. There are days when outfits fail you, when safety pins have to come to your rescue. I’ve had many of those!

What mishaps have you encountered and how did you deal with it?

I don’t feel so well but I have to attend a wedding ceremony (I’m looking forward to the small chops sha) How’s your Saturday coming?

Do have a great day.


2 comments on “Wardrobe Mishaps and what not | Wardrobe Mishaps

  1. Adewole May 14, 2016 10:30 am

    save me some of the small chops ooo

  2. Oyesola May 14, 2016 10:39 pm

    A good cobbler would have fixed it na…. actually if a shoe is left unworn for so long, the glue kinda gets expired. It dries up and the shoe gives way. Happened to me recently, had to take like 5 pairs to d cobbler….

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